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At Leaniron we seek to make ourselves strong, conditioned, healthy, and aesthetic versions of ourselves. Each session is predicated upon fundamental principles of proper training that are portioned together in an intelligent design and in a fun, freestyle manner of training. Our goal is to equip our members with a proper mindset for nutrition and training, and teach them how to use kettlebells to achieve a sufficient and desired position of health as well as accomplish their personal training and aesthetic goals.

Why Train With Kettlebells?

Training with Kettlbells is the most efficient way to build total body strength and conditioning that is not possible with barbells, dumbbells, or traditional cardio. Our 30-minute Kettlebell sessions are designed to hit every muscle group so that you get a full-body workout in half the time of a traditional gym session.

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Develop strength, mobility, and conditioning delivered by a combination of hard-style kettllebell movements.

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The number one priority of our certified coaches is to keep you safe, challenged, and motivated as you burn fat, build strength, and progress toward your fitness goals.


Lyneè Urban

General Manager / Nutrition Coach

Lyneè is a certified fat loss nutrition consultant and stress management coach. Her mission is to create a safe and welcoming exercise environment for clients to achieve their fitness goals while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


Michael Luksch

Training Consultant

Michael is a certified fitness trainer and long-standing exercise enthusiast. His mission is to help clients shed unwanted body fat, pack on lean muscle, and acquire newfound strength while maintaining precision technique and quality movements.

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