Small Group Training

Everyday yields a session with an emphasis toward a specific facet of training, be it strength, conditioning, basic human movement and skill, or mobility, all of which build lean muscle, increase physical capability, and improve body composition. A typical training session lasts thirty to forty-five minutes and we track progress weekly by checking training attendance, body compositional measurements, success with nutritional habits utilizing intermittent fasting, and we answer feedback and questions from our members.



Here we seek to prioritize movements, higher intensities in resistance, and modalities of practice that stimulate an adaptation in the body that increases strength. We start off with heavier weights, as relative to ones degree of strength, performing fewer repetitions per set with longer rest periods to ensure proper execution, safety, and recovery for exercises and skills that are more demanding not just on the muscular system but, specifically, the central nervous system. We then taper off as the session progresses to more moderate weights and repetitions so we are still building lean muscle and gaining strength, but we aren't at risk of taxing ourselves unduly.


The primary goal of this is to increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance by utilizing moderate weights, as relative to ones degree of strength, moderate to higher repetitions - more total volume - and shorter rest periods between sets.


This is where simply seek to train on a middle ground between the starker differences of strength and conditioning, and simply build muscle. We even have the ability to use certain exercises that we wouldn't load the same as movements in a strength emphasis training session, but we also wouldn't use to create full body conditioning. We have the ability to take a rest from high intensities and higher volumes and do some sculpting on the more aesthetic driven goals.

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